2018 Golf Scramble at Cobble Creek Golf Course-Montrose CO







Randy Havens,, Tessa Imus, Ted Joems and Ty Sullivan







Randy Reitz, Gayle Reitz, Don Watts and Glen Williams

SCORE 55.22




It was a beautiful day for golf, spirits were high and the turnout was the maximum number of golfers allowed. Our thanks to everyone that played, attended the Silent Auction and especially the volunteers that worked so hard and the Participants from Haven House that provided such wonderful food.

It was a great event.

Volunteers: The Kaperman Family

The circle of receiving blessings naturally leads to giving blessings.

The Participants at Haven House took time from their schedule this month to volunteer at the Sharing Ministries Food Bank. Both the adults and children enjoyed the hard work and the feeling of helping others. As life becomes more stable for families, they become more aware of being a blessing to others. The transformation process takes time and Participants can live at Haven House for 24 months while they achieve their short and long term goals.

Click here to see the volunteers in action. Volunteering at Sharing Ministries

Graduation Day for Another Family

CONGRATULATIONS to Robert and Jessica and their three children who graduated this Tuesday into a home of their own. You will all be missed and everyone wishes you God’s blessings in your new home.

Rain Can’t Dampen the Golfer Spirit!

Our 2nd Annual Golf Scramble was a big success even though it rained most of the morning. Golfers kept their commitment to the tournament and many played the entire course. With food and hot drinks in the clubhouse to re-energize the golfers and the many Silent Auction items to pa-ruse, the spirit of helping the homeless families shined through. Thanks to everyone that supported this event, our biggest fundraiser of the year!



Poker Run Really Was A HOME RUN!

We had a very successful, fun and productive Poker Run last Saturday. The turn out of more than 45 bike riders for the Poker Run was more than we ever expected. Thank you to every single person that participated in the Poker Run, bought a Raffle Ticket, joined us for the BBQ and some people off the street that came by and made a donation. The families at Haven House put on an excellent party and the food was good and plentiful. It would have been hard work for anyone to say they did not have a great day!

Our 50/50 Cash Raffle Winners

1st Raffle Drawing Winner of $500 – Ricky Redden

2nd Raffle Drawing Winner of $500 – Gwen and Able Lee

3rd Raffle Drawing Winner of $100 – Lowell Marcus


Poker Hand Winner

1st Place with Three Jacks – $200 credit at Motorcycle Accessories for any item that will be autographed by Willie G. Davidson.


We talked to many riders who offered suggestions on how we can improve our ride next  year, so plan now to be part of the 2018 Home Run Poker Run for homeless families.


Awesome event today and if you are ever curious about what these fundraisers lead to, please check out this video of my son Brannon James playing guitar. He has only had 12 lessons but found a gift thanks only to the lessons provided by (PAID FOR BY) HavenHouse through instructor Bill Mall. I do all the posting on here and rarely ever get personal but this brought tears to a mama's eyes. Haven House is the real deal. Love and thanks to this amazing facility and its supporters!

Posted by Haven House on Saturday, July 22, 2017

This is one of the children living at Haven House who has taken advantage of the guitar lessons provided for free to the families. After two months, he is doing great! Our Child Development Programs are just part of the many programs we offer to help families return to a home of their own.

Your support is always appreciated.



Golf Scramble a Great Success- Thank you all!



Despite very cold temperatures and windy conditions our “Drive to End Homelessness” was a great success raising $13,000. Every single registered golfer showed up and participated in our 1st Annual Golf Fundraiser. Many people said that it was the extreme playing conditions that made it a memorable event for them. It also brought to their minds the plight of homeless families without a place to stay.

Thank you to Cobble Creek Golf Course and to our two tournament Co-Sponsors: The Howard Davidson Agency of Farmers Insurance in Montrose and Mesa Rental & Supply in Delta.

Thank you to our Gold Level Hole Sponsors: Flower Subaru, Montrose Surgical Associates, Western Slope Orthopedics, Mountain West Insurance, Mountain Mansion Management, San Juan Construction and Telluride Express.

Thank you to our Silver Level Sponsors: Alpine Bank, K&K Concrete, San Juan Construction, Inc., Tech Art and Remax Alpenview.

Thank you to our  Bronze Level Sponsors: Armor Proseal, Richard & Marcia Allison, Bank of Colorado, Corks Fine Wine & Spirits, Dalby Wendland & Co., Bart & Julie Disher, Nichole Farnum & Family, Larry & Lillian Fredericksen, Grand Mesa Lodge, David & MaryAnn Guilinger, Hartman Brothers-All Air, Macht-Liles Real Estate, Kevin & Lind McNeill – Mesa Rental & Supply, Overholt Sheds, LLC, Pine County Rentals, Scott’s Printing-Bill & Janet Stone, Lyn & Dudley Shaw, Siegel Oil Company, Joe & Linda Sullivan Construction Co., Target and Western Gravel.

Many more people made financial contributions and donated items to our Silent Auction and we greatly appreciate every single person. Please watch for our newsletter and send us your email address if you are not receiving the newsletter now. So much more good news to share……..THANKS AGAIN.


Thanks for Coming…What a night it was!

If you missed attending the May 6th Open House Birthday Celebration, you missed a wonderful event. The Participants living at Haven House worked very hard and put on a beautiful and delicious dinner.  The children diligently served the dinner, taking your order for salad dressing, regular or gluten free pasta, vegetarian or meat sauce and your drink choice. What a treat it was! Desert allowed another choice of chocolate or spice cake and the kids were on it to get your order right.

The many guests that were able to attend were inspired by the brave women who told their stories of how life brought them to Haven House. Guests came away with a new point of view regarding our programs that restore families to independent living. This night allowed them to understand just how important their support is to Haven House.

Please take a minute to revisit that evening through the photos and videos we have posted. Then consider making a reoccurring monthly donation of any amount to keep the success stories happening. God Bless you and thank you for your interest.


Happy Easter -Lives Being Renewed




Easter is a joyful time!  Relive the resurrection of Jesus in your life.  Just as He has spread His love and peace to mankind so should we.  With His death, we have been redeemed and with His resurrection, we are promised eternal life. Alleluia! Alleluia! Christ has risen!     

        As you prepare for Easter season, Haven House would like to remind you that because of community support, families are being reunited with their children, redirected in their life choices by exposure to positive goal orientated programs, encouraged with Biblical counseling and inspired to give back to others after receiving the love of Jesus in their needs. When we meet them in their pain, their hearts soften and their defensive mindsets relax so that restoration can begin.  What more fitting symbol of Jesus’ teachings in the Easter season than to give something of yourself in His name to those that need it the most.  

FEED-BACK from our former participants is what keeps our staff and volunteers going. The following testimonies were written by two parents of recent graduating families.    


… I came to Haven House almost two years ago… in order to have my children returned to my custody.  I came here with a bit of a chip on my shoulder, thinking that I only wanted to be here for a short time, get a job and get out.  After a few months of being here I started to realize that things were not going to be as easy as get in and get out…  So rather than go against the Haven House program I decided to accept the program, and once I did that it was almost like everything just started falling into place for myself and my family. That was when I started to realize that I was grateful that the Haven House is here and grateful that they had given me a second chance at doing this program…  

I never would have imagined that I would still be here almost two years later with a new vehicle, my kids back, a good paying job and getting ready to move into a house.  Thank you Haven House and thank you everyone that is involved with this amazing place for everything you do and everything you continue to do.  


When I moved into the Haven House I had nothing but my car and a storage shed. I was living in my car bouncing from house to house, putting myself in not so safe places.  My kids lived with their grandparents, I only saw them on the weekends.  ….along with moving into the Haven House I have been clean and sober from drugs and alcohol. 

While living in the house I have gotten to have all 3 of my kids given to me.  I have built a better relationship with my kids, instead of working 24/7 I have learned to take time to care for my kids.  I have managed to pay off 5 of my credit cards and become more financially stable.  Currently, I am one month ahead on all my bills and my kids still have money in their savings account.  

My goal is to plan on living in the same house for 5 years maintaining a good record with the housing and keep up on all my bills financially…  I plan only keeping positive people in my life.  Keeping a drug and alcohol free home and to continue building a better relationship with my kids… 



 Haven House programs focus on families with children.  In the past two years, we have implemented our Child Development programs which include youth group, Holy Listening, counseling and homework club. Since opening five years ago in April 2011 we have provided over 55,000 shelter nights to over 370 persons including over 190 children!

 We operate 12 months a year and are open 24/7 – our families live here full-time.            

If you would like to receive our monthly Newsletter, please EMAIL your address to:    Larry@Havenhousehomeless.org



Graduation Day – a goal met – new goals set


Click here to read  Marline’s testimonial-2.2016 

Marline graduated the Haven House program on February 12, 2016. Her graduation party included well wishers and happy faces of her children and friends. As she acknowledges in her testimonial letter, this is a culmination of hard work with big rewards and she has put in the work to set the goals to make the future even better.

A heartwarming story that shows the Haven House program is an All-Inclusive answer to many of the elements that result in the homeless condition. We don’t plan on letting anyone stay in that condition who has the desire to transition back to a rewarding, self-supporting life. With help from the community of participants living at Haven House and the loving supportive and instructive staff and volunteers, no one has the reason to say “it can’t happen for me”. CONGRATULATIONS MARLINE AND FAMILY.




Shepherd’s Shopping Spree- Christmas 2015

Shepherd’s Shopping Spree

Thank you donor’s and volunteers!


With donated gifts and lots of hard work from volunteers, the Shepherd’s Shopping Spree at Haven House was a huge success! A truck loaded with donated gifts arrived at Haven House and staff and participants were waiting to help unload the haul. All participants at Haven House worked extra chores to receive tickets to shop for their families, including the children who used their homework club, Whiz kids and youth group points to shop for their families. The Dolphin House and Haven House  graduates were also invited to participate. God filled the house with love, patience, and giving hearts!!

Local groups share love at Haven House

Montrose Press article…..

With an ill husband, autistic son and traumatized daughter, it’s an understatement to say Amy Barrett is dealing with a tremendous burden.

She isn’t shouldering it alone, though. Barrett and her family are among those who call Haven House Transitional Living Center in Olathe home.

“My family was the victim of a crime,” Barrett explained, as she sat in Haven House’s playroom Dec. 21, her words contrasting with the rush of activity in the halls, as residents prepared for a Christmas “shopping spree.”

“My husband took it hard. He got sick and was unable to work. I was taking care of him and our children. We tried for me to work. It didn’t work out,” she said  READ MORE click links below.

Page 1 MDP 12-27 S2 P001          Page 2- MDP 12-27 S2 P002

Heavenly’s Frozen Yogurt- Fundraiser June 22, 2015


Monday- June 22nd from 11 am to 10 pm–    221 Colorado Avenue, Montrose CO 81401

Just South of the Montrose High School field on Townsend Avenue.

When you enjoy Heavenly Yogurt

You support Havenly Kids;

The kids’ program at Haven House




Summer Youth Program 2015

2015 Haven House Summer Youth Program-led by Katie Rhodes

This summer we plan to work closely with the Montrose Library and their reading program.  All of our activities will be focused on earning badges for the summer reading program.  I plan on taking the kids to the library every Monday to pick up our badges and check out books to qualify for these badges. We will also be doing hands on activities to earn the badges for the reading program.  On one of the days of the week that I am working with the kids, we will be taking time to read the nonfiction books required to qualify for earning badges. In the plans below, I have not specified which day we will do this, as I’m sure depending on the activity, it may vary week to week; it may be something that we do while at the library on Mondays, or before/after our activity the next day of the week that I am working with the kids.

On June 8th and 9th we checked out books on theater to read together and also attended a puppet show at the library, earning our Theater and Puppetry Badge. We are also attending a theater production at Magic Circle on Saturday, June 13th.

On June 15  I plan to take our weekly trip to the library, and on the 18th attend a cartoon drawing class at the library to put towards earning the Art Badge.

On June 22nd we will go to the library as usual, and on the 24th attend a dance session at the library to earn our Music and Rhythm Badge. If the kids are interested, I also thought we might go to Harmony Park at Cottonwood Elementary playground to make our own musical production on the drums, chimes, and xylophones they have there.

On June 29th we will go to the library as usual. I also hope to do our activity for a badge on this day as well.

On July 6th we will go to the library, and on July 8th-depending on the Ranger Program occurring at the Black Canyon, we may go there. The Black Canyon does not put out a schedule this far ahead, so depending on what they offer on this date, we may try this another week.

On July 13th we will go to the library, and on July 15th we will go to the library again to see Sgt. Sanders and Oxx the police dog, using this activity to put towards our Health and Safety Badge, and Animal Lover Badge.

On July 20th we will go to the library to check out books; on this date they will also have a Superhero Green Screen for us to use towards our Computer Science Badge. As of now, I am unsure of what our activity will be for July 22nd.

On July 27th, August 3rd, and August 10th, we will go to the library to check out books as usual. I do not yet have plans for July 29th, August 5th, and August 12th.

Although I do not have dates set out for these activities or confirmed that it will be feasible for us to go, I am currently working on the following activities for us to do:

  • Admission to the CO Museum of the West or Dinosaur Museum in GJ/Fruita (Science/History Badge. Possibly use this trip to learn about some mining and railroads to earn our Engineering Badge.)
  • Viewing some petroglyphs either at the Ute Museum in Montrose or in Escalante Canyon (History/Language/Culture Badge)
  • An activity for the Culture Badge using some of my “souvenirs”, pictures, and possibly a recipe from Bolivia
  • Touring Mattics Orchard in August (Food and Farming Badge)
  • Going to the Black Canyon a second time for a hike (Nature/Travel/Recreation Badge)
  • Make a plaster cast of our footprints for the Sleuthing Badge




Holy Listening –God’s Word Applied.

Resurrecting Hope – by Lacey Borgo                                     April 2015

At this writing it is Tuesday of Holy Week, arguably the saddest week of the year. This week, my Lord dies, hope dies and we are left with nothing but the empty space of Holy Saturday.

There is a commonality among the children at Haven House. Each time I sit with a child in spiritual direction, I first ask them to choose a picture of Jesus with children from a stash of many. This is our rhythm when they come. They choose the picture of Jesus they most need to see and then together we turn on a battery-powered candle to remind us that God is with us. Then they are invited to share their thoughts about the picture. Children who have heard Bible stories usually tell me something about Jesus’ death, even children who know little about Jesus know about his death. Some even know the gruesome details. The children at Haven House know death; they know emptiness, loneliness, and hopelessness. Often I will say, “Did you know, God brought him back to life?” Without fail, I am met with blank stares and even disagreement. Death they know, resurrection they can’t imagine.

So in the last two weeks during spiritual direction (We call it Holy Listening.) we have used a wooden play set of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus to play out the whole story—resurrection and all.

I tell the story first and then invite the children to play with the pieces and retell. They are invited to add their own twists and turns, as this is how they make His story, their story. Interestingly, this is also how they mourn their own sorrows. In the death and sadness of Christ they are able to express their own pain. We keep the candle near, to remind us that even in great pain, and great sadness, God is near.

We are careful to include Jesus’ resurrection each time. In the resurrection of Christ there is hope and joy– and as one child taught me, forgiveness. In the story he told of the resurrection—Jesus went chasing after the soldiers who were guarding the tomb. “Hey, no wait,” he said, “I forgive you, come back.”

Hope lives in Jesus’ resurrection. The hope that says God is with you in your greatest pain. The hope that says God is with you even if you are buried under shame, doubt and fear. The hope that says “Hey, no wait. I forgive you, come back.”

The hope that says there is something better, unbelievably better, coming.

(Holy Listening Volunteers are Lacey Borgo, Aljean, and Vivian



Easter Greetings to All


A Lot Can Happen in a Week!

Have you ever wondered if you would have been among the group that recognized Jesus as the awaited Savior singing “Hosanna to our King” on Sunday or would you be among the angry crowd that shouted “Crucify Him, Crucify Him” on Friday? Ideally, we all would like to believe that we would never have been among that angry crowd calling for His death. It would have been a different story if we had been there. The truth is, it could not have been different. 

God wanted to reconcile the sin that separated Him from His people. The Easter miracle of Christ’s atonement and resurrection was the only way to accomplish that. 

The miracle of Easter is that the saddest say on earth was followed three days later by the most miraculous day on earth; signifying that there is unending hope for all people. It is proof of God’s Love for us. Our ability to return to the cross time and time again and claim the resurrection allows us to start life anew. If we  dare to imagine ourselves among those in the front row of the angry crowd that condemned Jesus, we would find from Him, just like they did, love instead of hatred, mercy instead of judgment, joy instead of sorrow and peace instead of fear. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.; The atonement is for all people. 

He is Risen!  Now, every day, we can be risen too, making our imaginary association with either group of people in the Easter story irrelevant. Alleluia! Alleluia!  

As a non-profit entity, we need your financial support. Please help us continue restoring families.

 Mail Your Tax-Deductible Gift to:

Haven House,
P.O. Box 3122,
Montrose, CO 81402 OR
 Donate Safely Online at www.havenhousehomeless.org
Haven House is a non-profit transitional living program with a dormitory facility in Olathe Colorado. Since opening in April 2011, we have provided over 47,000 shelter nights to over 330 adults and children.   Additionally, we provide a wide range of programs that give parents the tools needed to become self-sufficient and maintain a suitable home for their children. Too often, children in homeless families are moved to foster care while the parents restore their living arrangements. We strive to keep the family united and help each member prosper during this difficult time.   We are open 24/7 as families live here full time and can stay in our program for up to two years.

                                  The Crimson-Bright Easter 

                                                        What does it mean to me personally~~

                           the stone rolled away,

                 the empty tomb,

                       the angel’s message,

                                   He is not here; He is risen. 

                    This, surely this~~

                         that on the final page

             of my brief life

               it shall not read

                   in dull, dark black,

 The End;

                     but crimson-bright,

                                   indelible and shining there,

                  To Be Continued!  

                                                                        ~~Helen J. Fricke


Christmas Greetings from
Haven House Transitional Living Center
for people transitioning from homeless to a home of their own.
What if Jesus had been born in a shed behind a gas station in Olathe? Would it have made the news? “Poor homeless woman gives birth to baby in a shed behind the gas station.” First to arrive would be the city police to see if EMS was needed. Then a reporter and photographer from the Daily Press would arrive to document the sad conditions. Next Social Services would come to assess the situation and try to take the baby away from the obviously unfit parents.
           And she brought forth her first born son and wrapped him up in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger: because there was no room for them in the inn. ~ Luke 2:7
What an event that would have been! Everyone would have had an opinion, a judgment, a criticism of these terrible unfit parents. Baby Jesus came in the back door of the world, unnoticed except by a very few. He was not acknowledged in any way but by the poor shepherds and the odd kings from distant lands who knew in their hearts that something marvelous had occurred. What a surprising, unexpected event that would have been.
And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in the manger. ~ Luke 2:16
God the Father wanted it to happen in exactly that way. He planned this event long ago and it was foretold in the Old Testament. The prophets had also foretold that a vulnerable child king would bring Good News to the whole world.
Jesus came for us all – just as we are right now; to make a difference as he did and continues to do through us today. He came to meet our every need and to bring salvation.
It is all up to us what we do with this Good News isn’t it?
Haven House is a faith based non-profit group serving the needs of the homeless families in Delta, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties. We feed the physical, mental and spiritual needs and help return families to self-sustaining living. We accomplish this with God’s grace and your kind generosity.
Since opening our doors in April 2011 we have provided
over 40,000 shelter nights to families.
Your FINANCIAL SUPPORT is needed to help us continue this ministry, as the need and families residing at Haven House has increased. This year, consider blessing the hearts of a homeless family at the same time you enjoy the blessing of your home and all of your family within it.

Haven House Kids Saved My Christmas!

Christmas 2013 009 (3)

Last week when arriving at Haven House to serve as a tutor for Whiz Kids, I saw the room more crowded than usual.  I asked what’s going on. The other tutor told me two more families had moved in this week and that brought about five kids to our group. It was a crowded room and generally, Whiz Kids activities can get pretty noisy so I anticipated a good headache by the time we were done. In reality, all of the kids were amazingly subdued. Each kid had three crafts to do, then a nice little buffet of crackers, salami, grapes and celery with ranch dressing. The line for having seconds grew fast. The fruit punch had strawberry sherbet in it and that made everyone really excited. After the snack, each kid was given three gifts: a pair of gloves, a small rubber ball and a tin piggy bank, all from the dollar store. The kids were delighted. The finale was two homemade cookies to decorate for their parents. Out came the frosting, the sprinkles and colored sugar.

When it was all finished, we all gathered with some parents joining us, into a big circle holding hands to pray. With approximately 40 people, this could have taken longer than the attention span of the kids. But to my surprise, as the prayers started around the circle the kids stayed quiet and waited their turn, giving thanks for the group, the fun, the tutors and Haven House itself. The prayer of the last kid struck my heart with his simple words, “I sure love you Jesus and thanks for this place.”

It suddenly dawned on me that each kid living there now had more provisions than Jesus did the night he was born and some figured it came from Jesus. Even though their homelessness won’t last forever, while they are in it, their hearts are tender and intuitive. As one of the new kids was leaving with his arms full of his bounty, he shouted to the leader, “Thanks for Whiz Kids!”

This bit of reality was what I needed to see the full meaning of the Christmas miracle. It has somehow escaped me until I put myself in the shoes of the homeless families.

Whiz Kids Volunteer

Summer 2014 Children’s Badge Program

From Heidi Haugen, Summer Activities Director……

We began our Summer Activities Program by signing each child up for the “Summer Badge Quest Program” at the Montrose Library.   The kids tell me which badges they want to earn and we read books, do activities, and go on adventures to meet the criteria for the badges.  We spend one afternoon a week at the library checking out books and picking up our badges.  We spend another afternoon reading nonfiction books and doing hands-on activities around the theme.  Finally, one day a week, we participate in an adventure/field trip around the theme.  Following are the areas we have been working on-

1.  Animal Lover- we visited the Black Canyon of the
Gunnison.  A ranger taught us about the different birds that live in the
canyon.  See photos here. Black Canyon Of The Gunnison
2.  Nature and Environment- we went on a nature walk at Baldridge
Park.  In addition, many of the kids went on a camping trip to help earn this
badge.  We are still working on projects like collecting flowers and seeds.

3.  Sports and Recreation- we spent a day at the Montrose Recreation
4.  Theater and Puppetry-the kids joined together to read about
and create a theater production.  They performed and videotaped a play.  We had
fun coming up with costumes and props.
5.  Music and Rhythm-we had a musician spend the afternoon teaching us about rhythm.  He brought drums and a guitar for us to try out!

Music Adventure Haven House 2014
In July, we plan to have more adventures as we
earn the following badges-
6. Food and Farming-we visited Mattics Orchard in Olathe. A day at Mattics Orchard 2014    We will check out some kids’ cookbooks and perhaps try out a new recipe.
7.  Health and Safety-we will visit with a police
officer and learn about public safety.
8.  Travel and Adventure-we will learn
about different kinds of maps.  We’ll go on a  “Google Lit Trip” (googlelittrip.com) with Ipads.
9.  Science and Technology-we’ll learn how to use a star chart and study the
10.  Computer Science and Digital Arts-we’ll continue our
film making from last month and focus on the digital pictures using online
drawing and painting tools.

If you have an area of interest that you would like to share with families at Haven House, please call (970) 626-5280 or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rosemary at (970) 765-2252. The reward will be yours.

Library Champions at Haven House 2014

2014 Haven House Summer Youth Program-led by Heidi Haugen

We are having a fantastic summer as we focus on reading, reading,
reading!!   Everything we do revolves around the summer reading program at the
Montrose Regional Library.  This is aligned with the local school districts, so
there are lots of incentives to read.  Kids that reach their summer reading
goals earn a yard sign that says,
“A Library Champion Lives Here”.


IMAG0439 (2)-QuedenFirst Library Champion- Queden Baker–

Born in Glenwood Springs.

Favorite Subject:  Math

Loves to write and to go shopping.

When he grows up he wants to be a firefighter, bank clerk or case worker. Quedan beamed when we congratulated him in our town hall meeting.

Heidi hopped to have the front yard of Haven House filled with the signs before summer is over!!—-And the list is growing!

Readers cropped (2)

Names and biographies of additional Library Champions will be added soon. Stay tuned.

Musicians and Teachers needed to teach youth at Haven House

Currently, we have several high school age teens living at Haven House. They have expressed a strong interest in learning about music. They would like to learn how to read music, write music and also play instruments. This is a very worthwhile interest that if developed, could make a life changing affect on their lives. It is a simple way to help others who are suffering and music itself cures the soul.

Please consider making a musical instrument donation or giving your time to these teens. It won’t go without reward to your own soul.

If you have musical teaching skills to share before you retire, please call us at 970-323-5280.

MUSICIANS photo: Musicians Musicians.jpg


On Site Ministry Team needed


Lee FamilySince September 2012 Dr. Abe Lee, his wife Gwen and their four children have been living and ministering at Haven House. This unique and sacrificial ministry by the Lee family has provided more benefits to the Haven House Participants than can be listed in one sitting.

They will be ending their year long ministry at the end of September 2013 and will truly be missed by staff and participants. We are hopeful that another couple or family will be lead to take over their ministry and move in to Haven House. The benefit of living among the population at Haven House is that you are immediately available for the day-to-day issues as they arise. It is absolutely the most challenging and most rewarding ministry for those called to do this.

Please call Larry Frederickson if you have any questions or interest in taking on this special ministry to Haven House.

(970) 626-5677

or Call Haven House office at (970) 323-5280 Monday thru Friday 8-5

We need people to pray for the right people to be called for this ministry. Please join us in prayerduring the month of September.