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Our Programs

At Haven House we provide programs that are integrated and address the needs of the entire family. We focus on families with children, creating programs to help them move into permanent housing on a path to self-sufficiency. 

Program Goals

Provide safe and stable housing for families – 24/7

Provide guidance, counseling and life skills training

Reduce drain on community resources

Help families rebuild their lives and break the cycle of
homelessness and dependency

Facilitate progress beyond entry level jobs to a living wage

Provide a career program to facilitate progress to a living wage

Help families recover their children from foster care

Keep participants off drugs & alcohol

Help children avoid becoming the next homeless generation

Involve children in Youth Groups and provide them with counseling, Tutoring and Whiz Kids

Program Objectives

Continue implementation of a Career Development program so Participants become more employable, stay employed and establish a career that will lead to a living wage.
Continue implementation of an Early Childhood Ed. program so the children are prepared for school when they come of age.
Establish or facilitate a GED program for Participants who do not have a high school diploma. We facilitated a GED class at Haven Houses in 2018 for our Participants without a high school diploma and we would like to further that.


In this phase we determine whether our program is suitable for the family and that we meet the needs of the family. In making this determination, we consider matters such as the following:



Completed application submitted


Face to face interview with Haven House Staff

Background Check


Drug Test

(should be “clean” for 90 days)
Phase 2

Connection Phase

(usually 90 days after acceptance)
During this phase the Haven House team works with the family on the issues that led the family to seek help.  For example, adaptation to Haven House and its guidelines and employment issues are addressed.



Development of Job Search Plan and Follow Through

Support Team

Meeting with Case Manager and Family Advocate


Adherence to Community Rules


Drug and Alcohol Free


Attendance at Required Events


Small Program Fee begins plus a security deposit upon arrival.
Phase 3

Partnership Phase

This phase which can be well over a year depending on the needs of the family.

We begin with the development of a long-term plan for the family. This plan will contain a series of goals the family needs to achieve to ensure success in pursuing permanent housing and a sustainable lifestyle. Programs are offered, directly or through available community services, and are designed to assist the family in  reaching their goals.

Developing community building skills, by active participation in various support groups and regular attendance at community activities, are an important part of our programs.

Haven House


Our services are delivered in a 13,500 sq. ft. facility located on 2 acres in a park like setting well suited for families and our programs. The building has 36 units with family private baths and a capacity for 15 to 18 families. We were fortunate in 2015 to be able to purchase this previously rented facility thereby securing a permanent home for our services.

In 2018 we acquired a 450 sq.ft. building that is used as a Learning Center for the parents and children.

If you are homeless this is a great program to help get you back on your feet. Rose and Ryan are awesome and will help you every step of the way. I'm very grateful they do what that do.

Sara G

Thank you for taking the time to show Irv Haven House. I know he was particularly moved when he heard about the Olathe football captain taking a resident under his wing. Irv was impressed with the number of families served and the successes achieved by you both.
Thank you for the effort.

Kathryn GrosscupColorado Department of Local Affairs

Thanks Larry, I am blessed to have been a part of the Haven House. I look forward to helping out in the future. Awesome and very exciting things happening! Good job to all!
God Bless

Former Haven House Volunteer

Great for those who need help.

Ashlee T