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Thank you for taking the time to show Irv Haven House. I know he was particularly moved when he heard about the Olathe football captain taking a resident under his wing. Irv was impressed with the number of families served and the successes achieved by you both. Thank you for the effort.

-Kathryn Grosscup, Colorado Department of Local Affairs

I want to congratulate you on the approach you have taken to moving families from poverty and homelessness into brighter futures.

-Roy Anderson, Mayor of Montrose, Colorado

Thanks Larry, I am blessed to have been a part of the Haven House. I look forward to helping out in the future. Awesome and very exciting things happening! Good job to all! God Bless.

-Former Haven House Volunteer

I was volunteering at the Kitchen today because Jeremiah was out of town, the kids came in from HH and they behaved beautifully! We so enjoyed them, and they pitched in and cleared tables and wanted to help out!! I got my “grandma fix” with the one year old baby, so precious! Please know you are all welcome any time!!

-Sharyn B, Volunteer at Christ Kitchen Soup Kitchen

Great for those who need help.

-Ashlee T

If you are homeless this is a great program to help get you back on your feet. Rose and Ryan are awesome and will help you every step of the way. I’m very grateful they do what that do.

-Sara G

It was a great Poker Run good benefit for the Haven house the food was delicious the people there are wonderful.

-Bobbie L

Haven House helps people transition from homelessness or bad situations, into having a caring and supportive environment where you can gain skills to help you better your future. They provide great classes such as parenting, GED, food handlers, boundaries and more.

-Rebecca R

Warm, compassionate and life changing.

-Siobhan D

Haven House does such amazing things for our community. More than just providing shelter for families in need, but more importantly, self-development, life & family skills, enriching self-confidence, and personal growth for every member of the family.

-Patricia B

They are amazing and help when you need help the most.

-Britany B

For the first time on a long journey Madeline and I have a home.

-Kristi P