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Since opening in 2011 we have provided over 125,000 shelter nights to over 700 people including over 400 children that would have otherwise been homeless. Since opening over 300 persons have graduated from the program and moved into permanent housing on a path to self-sufficiency. Many more have left with a job and/or stable housing.

The ultimate success of our program is a family that leaves Haven House and moves into permanent housing on a path to a self-sustaining lifestyle.

From the top down, we look at statistics such as length of stay, graduation rate, success finding and holding onto jobs, reasons for living at Haven House, the types of situations Participants are moving back into, academic progress of the children while at Haven House and positive changes in behavior and attitude.


Exit Interview

When someone leaves the program they are asked to complete an Exit Form to get feedback that may indicate the need for a change in our programs.

Programs for Change

Participants are asked to evaluate Enrichment Programs

Program Check-ins

Case managers routinely evaluate the progress of Participants which may indicate the need to modify a program.

Staff Involvement

Weekly the Executive Director meets with the clinical staff to discuss particular issues concerning a Participants’ or families progress and alternative courses of action are discussed. Board members also attend these meetings to ensure that the Board is engaged in operations and the pursuit of our Mission.

Community Feedback

Our weekly “Town Hall” meetings with the Participants provide ongoing feedback on the programs.

Community Care

The ability of family members to follow rules established by Haven House and contribute to the welfare of the other families living at Haven House is part of the evaluation process.

"It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it." -Nelson Mandela


Shelter Nights


People Helped




Program Graduates

Our Metrics

The ultimate success of our program is a family that leaves Haven House and moves into permanent housing on a path to a self-sustaining lifestyle.

With the implementation of the Career Development program the ultimate measure of success will be achievement of a living wage for the family. For the children success is measured by their improved academic performance back to grade level or beyond, behavior and attitude and the improved ability of their parents to meet the needs of the children.

How will we measure our success in 2021?

Provide over 16,000 shelter nights to those who would otherwise be homeless
Serve over 140 persons, including over 80 children
Graduate at least 35 persons into permanent housing
Over 65% of Participants in the program for over 3 months will graduate
At least 75 persons will leave with permanent and/or a job.
Improve academic performance of over 50 children. Behavior, attitude and values of the children will improve.
We enabled 5 families will to regain custody of their children from foster care.
No Child will drop out of school
Continue implementation of the Early Child Program
At least 50% of the children in the program, or a school year, will raise their academic performance to grade level or above. School attendance will approximate the state level or better

Improving the Lives of Those We Serve

Haven House does such amazing things for our community. More than just providing shelter for families in need, but more importantly, self-development, life & family skills, enriching self-confidence and personal growth for every member of the family.

Patricia B

Thanks Larry, I am blessed to have been a part of the Haven House. I look forward to helping out in the future. Awesome and very exciting things happening! Good job to all!
God Bless

Former Haven House Volunteer

Warm, compassionate and life changing.

Siobhan D

For the first time on a long journey Madeline and I have a home.

Kristi P
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