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A Sustainable Path

Our Mission is to provide a Transitional Housing and Career Development program to families with children who, but for Haven House, would be the homeless. This program provides safe and secure housing with wrap around services that help Participants We focus on families with children, creating programs to help them move into permanent housing on a path to self-sufficiency.  Our services are delivered in a drug and alcohol free environment and we are proud to be homegrown and serving the local surrounding counties. Our Child Development program is designed to keep children in school, improve academic performance/behavior, teach responsibility and increase their chances for future success. Our Early Childhood program prepares the preschool children living at Haven House with their families for school and shows the parents how to be constructively and proactively involved with their child’s social, physical and academic development.

Our Core Values


We value and acknowledge the uniqueness of each person and believe that each deserves to be treated with respect and integrity, and without discrimination.


We value honesty, compassion, responsibility and behaviors that build trust.


We value our human, financial and building resources and commit to taking responsibility for ethical and efficient use of those resources.

Christ Centered

We believe that change can come through the sharing of Hope based on Faith founded in the Love of Christ Jesus.

Statement of Faith

Haven House operates as a Christian ministry and believes that the Doctrines of Creation, Sin and Redemption, as supported by scripture, contain the full message of the Christian faith. We hold that the Bible is God’s true Word, that God is our Father, that Jesus is God’s only true Son, and that the Holy Spirit sanctifies—makes holy—the Word to us. The sole basis of our beliefs is the Bible, God’s infallible Word. We believe that it was uniquely, verbally and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and that it was written without error (inerrant) in the original manuscripts.

We understand fallibility and yielding to temptation.  Jesus invites and heals.  We invite and encourage.  We make decisions prayerfully, with group consensus, based on the ground rules of Haven House.

We do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, creed or gender with those we serve and those we employ to serve.

Program Goals

Provide safe and stable housing for families – 24/7

Provide guidance, counseling and life skills training

Reduce drain on community resources

Help families rebuild their lives and break the cycle of
homelessness and dependency

Facilitate progress beyond entry level jobs to a living wage

Provide a career program to facilitate progress to a living wage

Help families recover their children from foster care

Keep participants off drugs & alcohol

Help children avoid becoming the next homeless generation

Involve children in Youth Groups and provide them with counseling, Tutoring and Whiz Kids

Profile of those who seek our help

  • Single moms and dads who need a stable, nurturing environment to restart their lives
  • Pregnant moms without a safe place to bring their baby into the world
  • Victims of abuse
  • Parent(s) that want to hold on to their kids or get kids back
  • Persons recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse

Long Term

Our broad vision is to help those we serve break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Once the cycle is broken, the recipients of our program can become contributors to the community, versus endless consumers of community resources. For our child participants, our long term goals are to help them avoid a lifetime of poverty and homelessness.

Why Wait?

You can help us give hope to a family. Homelessness can happen to anyone.