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The Haven House Board of Directors is responsible for regularly assessing the mission, for determining that the mission is consistent with the needs of the community and for carrying out the mission. It also sets policy, approves the budget, defines acceptance criteria, hires key staff and manages fund raising. Each board member shares in the responsibility of developing good community relations, attracting volunteers and financial support and taking responsibility for completing certain tasks essential to the success of Haven House. At the present time, 100% of the board members contribute financially to Haven House.

The Board meets monthly and three of the Board members are active in operations ensuring a free flow of views and information between operations and the Board. These 3 Board members meet weekly with staff and some volunteers again to ensure that information and views are shared and discussed.  We hold weekly Town Hall meetings to bring together the Participants and staff to obtain feedback on the programs’ applicability to the Participants and day to day operating rules.

Larry Fredericksen – President

In addition to serving as Board President, Larry is a Co-Founder of Haven House and serves as a Director and Full Time Volunteer; managing overall operations of the program since August 2010. Following graduation with a BBA, Larry began his career as a CPA with Price Waterhouse, a public accounting firm. Upon leaving Price Waterhouse after 13 years he served as a Chief Financial Officer for 16 years with several New York stock exchange companies. He and his wife Lillian then bought and managed a Therapy Service company that provided physical, speech and occupational therapy in clinics and skilled nursing facilities. The last 10 years he has been active as a volunteer in non profit organizations.

Carolyn Carter

In addition to serving on the Board, Carolyn is a Co-Founder of Haven House and serves as a Director and Volunteer; managing oversight of Clinical Staff since 2010. Carolyn is a retired Master’s-level social worker with 40 years’ practice in a variety of settings, including school social work, geriatrics, AIDS, and Child Protection. She is a cofounder of Christ Kitchen, a soup kitchen.

Lillian Fredericksen – Secretary

While serving as the Board Secretary, Lillian is also a Co-Founder, Director, and Full Time Volunteer at Haven House.  Lillian runs the Whiz Kids program and assists with office management, fund raising and financial management. She has 6 years of experience in accounting and office management. Lillian was formerly a member of the Board of Directors of Christ Kitchen and currently is active in another local charity in addition to Haven House.

Amanda Malinchak, Treasurer

Originally from Washington State, Amanda relocated to Colorado 15 years ago. While working at North City Market in Durango she attended Fort Lewis College where she got her degrees in Accounting and Economics and graduated magna cum laude. She joined Dalby Wendland in Montrose Co. where she has worked since graduation and was promoted to senior in the tax department. She is married and enjoys hiking, kayaking & swimming.

Judy Lokey

Director and active volunteer for many Haven House fund raising events. Judy regularly serves as an advisor to the Haven House clinical team. She is a retired masters level social worker and school counselor.  She also serves on other non- profit boards and volunteers for many nonprofits.

Nolan Thornberry

Nolan spent a significant part of his career as a chemist in the agricultural chemicals industry where his duties involved regulatory compliance.  He later became interested in environmental and safety issues and spent most of his career with a major oil company developing policies and procedures to help ensure appropriate corporate stewardship in these areas.  Near the end of his career he managed a team of safety professionals, located in twelve countries around the world, who were responsible for advocating a behavioral-based loss prevention system.

In retirement Nolan has served on a number of Boards of Directors and he has a major interest in photography.


Roger Whitehouse

Advisor, retired engineer

Rose Verheul

Advisor and Executive Director for Haven House


Joanne Fairchild

Joanne served as Director and Communications Director to focus on medical issues. Before joining the Board, Joanne served as an advisor to the Board beginning well before we commenced operations. Since opening, she served as a volunteer in many ways, including publishing our Newsletters, developing our web site, helping with fund raising and was a tutor/mentor in Whiz Kids. While serving as a volunteer for Haven, she was Administrator of Dallas Creek Water Co.; she retired after eight years. Before that, she was the Human Resource Manager and Controller at Best Sign Systems for six years. She enjoyed working with children and spent many years as a Youth Group leader in Montrose churches. She has two grown children and six grandchildren.

Joanne lost her battle to cancer. The passion and support Joanne provided in so many ways to Haven House were deeply appreciated by other members of the Board and the staff. Her ability to think “outside the box” was a huge resource to our progress. We miss you Joanne.

Julie Harris

Retired in 2018 from the position of Case Manager with Haven House from the day it opened its doors in 2011, for health reasons. Julie served as a volunteer for 6 months before Haven House opened as a vital member of the team that developed the programs. Julie has a BS & MS in Social Work, graduating summa cum laude.

In addition to Case Management services Julie was a key member of the management team and developed and led some of our Enrichment programs. Julie has over 12 years experience in social work in various capacities, including working with children with disabilities, leading Nuturing Parenting classes and caring for patients in a hospice setting. Prior to that Julie worked as an administrative assistant and supervisor for a personal care company.

Peggy Day

Peggy, as a Co-Founder of Haven House, played a very important part in developing our Transitional Program and serving a variety of ways through the early years of development. Her reasoned counsel was well appreciated by those who had the pleasure of working with her. With her experience as wife of Pastor Larry Day (since retired as pastor of All Saints Anglican Church) she helped us put Faith into our Faith Based ministry; she and Carolyn were our spiritual leaders. Peggy was a retired special education teacher.

Thank you Peggy for your service.