Thanks for Coming…What a night it was!

If you missed attending the May 6th Open House Birthday Celebration, you missed a wonderful event. The Participants living at Haven House worked very hard and put on a beautiful and delicious dinner.  The children diligently served the dinner, taking your order for salad dressing, regular or gluten free pasta, vegetarian or meat sauce and your drink choice. What a treat it was! Desert allowed another choice of chocolate or spice cake and the kids were on it to get your order right.

The many guests that were able to attend were inspired by the brave women who told their stories of how life brought them to Haven House. Guests came away with a new point of view regarding our programs that restore families to independent living. This night allowed them to understand just how important their support is to Haven House.

Please take a minute to revisit that evening through the photos and videos we have posted. Then consider making a reoccurring monthly donation of any amount to keep the success stories happening. God Bless you and thank you for your interest.


Graduation Day – a goal met – new goals set


Click here to read  Marline’s testimonial-2.2016 

Marline graduated the Haven House program on February 12, 2016. Her graduation party included well wishers and happy faces of her children and friends. As she acknowledges in her testimonial letter, this is a culmination of hard work with big rewards and she has put in the work to set the goals to make the future even better.

A heartwarming story that shows the Haven House program is an All-Inclusive answer to many of the elements that result in the homeless condition. We don’t plan on letting anyone stay in that condition who has the desire to transition back to a rewarding, self-supporting life. With help from the community of participants living at Haven House and the loving supportive and instructive staff and volunteers, no one has the reason to say “it can’t happen for me”. CONGRATULATIONS MARLINE AND FAMILY.





Christmas Greetings from
Haven House Transitional Living Center
for people transitioning from homeless to a home of their own.
What if Jesus had been born in a shed behind a gas station in Olathe? Would it have made the news? “Poor homeless woman gives birth to baby in a shed behind the gas station.” First to arrive would be the city police to see if EMS was needed. Then a reporter and photographer from the Daily Press would arrive to document the sad conditions. Next Social Services would come to assess the situation and try to take the baby away from the obviously unfit parents.
           And she brought forth her first born son and wrapped him up in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger: because there was no room for them in the inn. ~ Luke 2:7
What an event that would have been! Everyone would have had an opinion, a judgment, a criticism of these terrible unfit parents. Baby Jesus came in the back door of the world, unnoticed except by a very few. He was not acknowledged in any way but by the poor shepherds and the odd kings from distant lands who knew in their hearts that something marvelous had occurred. What a surprising, unexpected event that would have been.
And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in the manger. ~ Luke 2:16
God the Father wanted it to happen in exactly that way. He planned this event long ago and it was foretold in the Old Testament. The prophets had also foretold that a vulnerable child king would bring Good News to the whole world.
Jesus came for us all – just as we are right now; to make a difference as he did and continues to do through us today. He came to meet our every need and to bring salvation.
It is all up to us what we do with this Good News isn’t it?
Haven House is a faith based non-profit group serving the needs of the homeless families in Delta, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties. We feed the physical, mental and spiritual needs and help return families to self-sustaining living. We accomplish this with God’s grace and your kind generosity.
Since opening our doors in April 2011 we have provided
over 40,000 shelter nights to families.
Your FINANCIAL SUPPORT is needed to help us continue this ministry, as the need and families residing at Haven House has increased. This year, consider blessing the hearts of a homeless family at the same time you enjoy the blessing of your home and all of your family within it.