In response to the Covid19 pandemic, Haven House made the choice to start a full time remote learning and instructed education program for grades K-12.  Our Kid’s Haven Learning Center is designed to offer an alternate learning program to help support the 20+ school age kids who reside here.  Statistics show that children from homeless families tend to already suffer from a lack of structure, poor test scores, below grade level performance and poor attendance rates.  With school closures and the continuous threat of Covid19, Haven House could not risk sending our children back to traditional school off site increasing our chances of exposure of the virus to our large community.  Thus, Kid’s Haven Learning Center was born.

This comprehensive program is tailored to meet the needs of 21 current children from grades K-12 working directly with Montrose, Delta and Olathe school districts and curriculums. The program consists of both online interactive classroom sessions as well as one on one instruction by full time teachers and teachers aids along with one on one assistance from tutors and parents. We are focused on offering the wholistic experience for our kids by creating a structured schedule that allows for recess, physical education activities, socialization with peers and many extracurricular classes in STEM, art, and music. Kids will be offered a nutritious breakfast and hot lunch provided from supportive local school district services along with snacks in between classes. All kids will be tested with the initial WRATT4 for assessment and then tested with DIBELS Progress Monitoring on a monthly basis to ensure that they are maintaining levels at or above standard grade expectations.

We have been fortunate to have this opportunity to safely offer our children and families at Haven House a place to learn, grow and advance.  The hands-on instruction by teachers and aids combined with online remote programming is already paying off with increased performance by our students.  The close oversight of parents and other mentors working with children to increase socialization skills has also reduced the anxieties that many of our children face in a standard learning environment.  We look forward to the future with Kid’s Haven Learning Center and can’t wait to see how far this program will take our youth.