Haven House was formed in August 2010 to pursue a long held dream of several board members to develop a transitional/transformational living program for the homeless in the Tri-County area of Montrose, Ouray and Delta.  That dream has become a reality. The following materials provide information about Haven House and more specifically the kind of program we offer.


A forum sponsored by the Montrose Community Foundation in August 2010 on the subject of the homeless drew a large gathering of interested local individuals. Almost all attendees expressed strong support for a program.  A recent survey by the school district found that over 200 children reported shelter issues, up from around 80 in the prior survey. Further evidence of a homeless issue is the over 600 foreclosures that occurred in Montrose County alone during the last two years. A local caseworker  reported 56 new cases of families and teens with shelter issues in the last year. That same person reported getting 2 to 5 new cases a week. Finally, of 24 guests recently surveyed at Christ Kitchen, 23 reported that they knew of a number of persons with shelter issues.


Haven House provides shelter, the necessary support services and enrichment programs to help families evolve from an unstable living environment to healthy self-sustaining lifestyles.


We provide transitional/transformational housing for homeless families with children in a faith based environment.  Our goal is to restore the participants to permanent housing in a self-sustaining life style.  The program goes well beyond housing. Very briefly, our program is designed to create a secure and supportive environment and address the issues that led the family to seek help from Haven House.

More specifically, our staff , working with volunteers from nearby communities and churches and the various community resources,  conduct enrichment programs such as parenting skills, conflict (anger) management, budgeting, nutrition, cooking and programs for the children.

It is important to realize that the program we have created focuses on the ENTIRE family. We strive to ensure that the relationship between parents and children is strong, that the children are progressing well in school and are adapting well, when the family leaves the program.

Our primary focus is to help families with children but when space is available we have opened our doors to include couples and single adults.

All participants, prior to acceptance into the program, will be required to complete an application, submit pertinent information required to complete basic assessments of their situation, attend one or more interviews with our professional staff and be subject to a background check. To be accepted into the program, prospective participants must be drug and alcohol free, have no history of sex offenses and no recent history of violent behavior.

No drugs, alcohol or weapons are permitted on the premises. All participants must agree to and will be subject to random UAs (if necessary); testing kits are be kept on site.

The program has 3 Phases

1.  Orientation
In this phase we determine whether our program is suitable for the family and that we meet the needs of the family. In making this determination, we consider matters such as the following:

– Application Completion
– Interview with Haven House Staff
– Background Check
– Drug Test (should be “clean” for 90 days)

2.  Connection Phase (usually 90 days after acceptance)

During this phase the Haven House team works with the family on the issues that led the family to seek help.  For example, adaptation to Haven House and its guidelines and employment issues are addressed.  Activities include:
– Development of Job Search Plan and Follow Through
– Meeting with Case Manager and Family Advocate
– Adherence to Community Rules
– Drug and Alcohol Free
– Attendance at Required Events
– Small Program Fee begins plus a security deposit upon arrival.

3.  Partnership Phase

This phase which can be well over a year depending on the needs of the family, begins with the development of a long- term plan for the family. This plan will contain a series of goals the family needs to achieve to ensure success in pursuing permanent housing and a sustainable life-style.

Programs are offered, directly or through available community services, are designed to assist the family in  reaching their goals.  Developing community building skills, by active participation in various support groups and regular attendance at community activities, will be an important part of our programs.


We are located in a modern 36-unit facility located in Olathe, CO.  While the location relative to Montrose (10 miles north)  is not the best for commuting, it is otherwise a near perfect setting for the programs we offer. The facility is equal distance between Delta and Montrose and bus service is available to Montrose.   Our rooms are furnished and in move-in condition and our facility offers a park like setting on two acres of land.   We have a spacious dining room, a modern kitchen and attractive common areas.